Does Size really matter?

Being new at Odysseus Public Relations, and having extensively travelled and worked overseas for numerous years, I was very surprised to find out that I was going to be part of a rather small team. “How will we ever get things done?” I gullibly thought.

One of the first tasks I was assigned was to get involved in the communications and prepare collateral for a huge event, being held in just two weeks’ time, The Social Media Summit 2016. Being a natural stress freak, I bit my nails for five minutes then got to work. Wondering how this event would actually even “happen”, I can’t say that I didn’t feel the least bit of what we might call “panic”.

Since I was new, my involvement in the project was minimal and my role was to be around and help out wherever I could. Slowly and calmly, things around me seemed to be getting done. Certificates and name tags were being designed and printed, invitations sent, catering was being organised, venue finalised etc without the least bit of havoc and in the quietest way I had ever seen in my years of work experience. MR, our Event Manager finalised travel plans for the guest speakers and everything seemed under control.

I was left pleasantly surprised when I arrived on the day of the event to see our “small team” right in place, with no contingency plans being needed and everyone smiling and well-dressed. Everything seemed to be going perfectly. The venue at the Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa was flawless, the lights and AV functioning optimally with not one glitch whatsoever.

Mike Sharman from Retroviral, SA

“So this is the power of a small team” I thought. From my years of experience and having participated in the organisation of events myself, there has always been havoc or at least a bit of noise around the event before its actual implementation and execution. This was the first time ever that an event went by, almost like nothing was undertaken beforehand, simply like magic!

Slowly, I began to realise that size really doesn’t matter! As long as team members get along, each is accountable for their tasks and responsibilities and cohesion reigns, things can be taken care of without all the mayhem and great things can be achieved. When personalities merge and clashes and frustrations are communicated and solved, we can blend all the ingredients to conquer the world just like Pinky and the Brain… or at least try!

Taryn Hatchuel
Taryn Hatchuel from

As the good employee I am self-proclaiming myself to be, I revisited archived files, spoke to direction about previous events, and found out that Odysseus Public Relations has been involved in the organisation of major local events such as the Salon de la Com in 2012, the launch of Nando’s, Grand Baie La Croisette and many more.

In addition to providing public relations and marketing communication services to clients, I am proud to be part of a team that achieves miracles on a daily basis and still manages to remain calm most days and is incredibly HUMBLE about its achievements.

Gladly finishing with a “Go Odysseus!”

Go team!

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Written by the Marketing & Public Relations Manager @Odysseus Public Relations


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