In Focus – How I F’d it up…

400355_311679528870010_1983685568_nShot at Le Morne Village, Mauritius

I’d like to think that somewhere down the road I am bound for some ‘Bresson-esque’ greatness. This may come in as a surprise to my colleagues but yes there is much more to me than just being the PR Manager of Odysseus – Creative PR.

What started as a regular scouting session with an amateur photographer mate of mine ended up with me pushing through this whole aperture, F-stops, shutter speed and ISO world that grabbed my attention right away. Once I got my hands on one of those Nikon D5000 DSLR and thereon, there was no looking back. Not that I want to blow my own trumpets, but ever since my first hands on experience with a DSLR, I’ve only been shooting on Manual mode. And yes I am no genius, but IT paid off as I kept on trying out on ‘M’ before eventually enrolling in a Photography 101 class as I enrolled into my first year as a Mass Communication undergrad.


Today, I may not have my camera on me all the time (7 years running and I am still using that same D5000) but trust me, back then, my camera was almost an extension of my hand. I would shoot everything and anyone. I would get sworn at, beaten at times and almost got arrested (the perks of street photography).

“Practice makes perfect” – this phrase fits right in when it comes to photography. While I am yet to get anywhere close to the level I aspire to be, the least I can say is that I do have a passion and the eye for things – assisted by contemplating great photos by photographers and getting inspired by their unique individual styles as I find my own way of making my photography reflect who I am and what I consider as art (and breaking some rules along the way).


My photography

Black and white – Street. That’s about it really. I see photography as a medium that lets you capture life as it is (yeah I am the no-Photoshop kind of guy – hate me for it if you’d like) and you can’t get any closer to capturing that one quintessential piece of everyday life than through street photography. As far as the Black & White style is concerned, maybe it all comes down to me being colour-blind – at least that’s how I see things (and quite literally too!).

Oh wait there’s more…! My passion for cinematography… and that will be something for you read about in a future- story! Until then let’s get F’d up*!


Written by Naresh Roodur, PR Manager at Odysseus Public Relations

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