Insta Millennium

With the growing popularity of visual content in social media, any tech savvy marketer understands the growing importance of Instagram as a marketing tool. It embodies the ambient nature of the 21st century and our growing attraction towards capturing ‘the Moment’.


Essentially, that is what Instagram is all about. It’s about capturing that moment that tells your story and shows people who you are whether it is through that silly kitchen selfie or that cute informal family portrait or that all-important video of you jumping off a cliff. Instagram works on the principle of the moment that tells the story that inspires the emotion that inspires you.

Operating in 2016, you’ve probably figured out that you can do more with Instagram than look at funny memes and post pictures of your cousin sleeping. Like Facebook and like twitter, Instagram can be used as a branding tool; however posting on Facebook is different from posting on Instagram. For one thing it’s much more visual. This makes it a great place to show what you’re company is all about.

To begin with, you have to determine what your goals are. What exactly do you want your Instagram account to do? Do you want to show off you internal company culture? Do you want to show off your product? Do you just want to gain followers? What’s your main goal?

When you’ve figured that out then the next step is to create your account. Firstly, you have to put your company name when you register the account, then you use your logo or a picture with your logo as your profile picture.

The next phase is to write an attractive but short bio that shows what your company is about and don’t forget to include your companies official website in the bio. You’d be surprised how well a good bio can work out for you.

Content is king!

On any social networking sight content is king, on Instagram the emphasis on content is even greater because it’s such a visual medium. When deciding what to post you have to start from the bottom by defining your brand. To tell people who you are as a business you have to know who you are.

This will set a consistent tone for most of your Instagram posts throughout and this is important because on Instagram, consistency is key. Being consistent also helps to attract your target audience and helps you gain followers.

You have to decide how you want your page and your feed to look. If you use supper saturated images or warmer images, or you use a certain color them because it relates to your brand or use banners then keep it that way constantly.

The key to having a beautiful Instagram page is keeping everything looking similar without it looking the same through a similar theme or motif. You have to think about and lay out your Instagram page in the same way that you would decorate a home.

The key to a beautiful corporate Instagram account is to keep your posts relatable, creative but also in brand. This poses a dilemma in that most people don’t know what to post. For example in a personal Instagram account you can just post selfies and random funny memes but in a company profile you really have to think deeper about the type of content you want to post.

Some of the best things to post about on a corporate account are food, events, products, motivational quotes, employees and recognizing your customer’s achievements. Having you customers in your posts make them feel more involved.

You can also post short one minute videos or boomerangs. Instagram now also has a feature that allows you to create short picture stories that disappear within 24 hours which are fun and feel very “in the moment”.


Here’s an example of Brix media co’s Instagram account. 

They’ll follow you everywhere!

Having good content is great and all, and it does encourage a following but people have to be able to discover you first. To do that, first of all make sure that your profile is public.

There are two ways to gain followers which are through paid follows and organic follows. Buying followers means that you can grow your audience fast but, it does not guarantee engagement. It’s much better to grow your audience organically.

One way in which people gain follows without paying for them is by promising to follow if followed. Again this is not advisable as it does not guarantee an engaged and interested audience.  What you can do to grow your audience and this is Instagram 101, use # tags.

This means that whenever someone looks up a word that you’ve # tagged they will be directed to your image and from there they can view the rest of your page so # tag out. Go crazy. You are currently allowed to use 30 to 40 #tags on Instagram so if you have a small following and you’re just starting out then # tags are perfect. However, # tags can get annoying so what Instagramers have done is that they’ve started putting them in the comments section instead, that way it keeps your post looking neat.

Another way to gain followers is to collaborate with other companies or people who are doing the same or something similar. You collaborate and mention each other, that way you gain access to whole new audience so that their followers can also follow you. This can be done through tagging and mentioning each other in the captions asking your followers to follow each it and having them do the same.

At the end of the day, Instagram is all about humanizing your company and creating relationships so don’t forget to have fun with it!

Written by Neheng Matsoso at  Odysseus Public Relations

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