Sound like Music, feels like Magic

A series of vibrations hitting against a surface which can somehow unite millions, is that not magic? Is that not mystique? Is that not the marvel we call music? Music is the art and the muse. It builds us and tears us down and then builds us

From the beginning of the first lullaby to the end of the last requiem we live every day surrounded by music. In fact one can say that life it’s self is music and when we pick certain sounds and put them together we somehow create a conversation that speaks not only to the mind, but also to the soul.

’If music wakes you up, makes you think, heals you…then, I guess the music is working.´ this is one of my favorite quotes by the Mozart of Madras  himself A. R. Rahman. There’s an intrinsic healing quality that exists when we connect to a song or a melody. Music does not only heal it also allows growth, from that first beat of a mothers heart to that last sigh; we live our lives in melody. Why even flowers grow to the sound of music. That’s true magic and live music has its own music.

I remember the first time I went to a live concert. I was 5 years old and watching one of the biggest choirs in my country. The atmosphere was electric! There’s something so beautifully human about being in a crowd of many different people connecting to one song or a piece of music. At the time I did not understand the mammoth task of creating such a show. I did not understand that the final show is only 10% and that the real work begins before the lights hit the stage.

It’s a tale as old as time. It begins with a desire to entertain, an act, a stage, a good marketing plan and of course, the budget.  Before the actual show there are months and months of planning and considerations going into the planning of a few hours. It takes a certain amount of patience and methodology to plan a successful concert. You must be able to visualize your event, understand the acts and their requirement and think about how big you’d like the show to be.

The next stage is to find a stage is to figure out budget, where to find money, how much money you’d need and how to spend it. Then you can start thinking about the stage. The venue is one of the most important elements of any event. It sets the tone and helps to create anticipation and adds to the mood you want to create and the emotions you want to draw.

The next phase is to figure out the stage lighting and the technology needed in or order to make the event a success. The lights are part of the magic of any concert. They help to set the atmosphere and to transport you to a different place where you can connect to the music. Technology today has advances so much that the possibilities to create are endless. This is why when planning a concert you need a competent and dedicated AV partner to help take the event to the next level.

Marketing an event, especially a huge event can take from one month to years of work. The planning and implementation of a strategy is done by a dedicated group of individuals, using resources like business networks and connections to regulate PR and to sell tickets. The whole point is to find and engage your audience in a meaningful and impact-full way.

One the most amazing marketing campaigns to date has been that of Game Thrown, a multi-layered and comprehensive strategy that included the shadows of dragons appearing on the side walk and across newspapers on top of TV listings. Marketing is an essential part of any event and it takes a team willing to put in the blood sweat and tears to make the final show a success.


Planning and organizing a concert is an art in itself. When you go to see live music you’re not only going to see the magician, a maestro of music, but also all the work of all the artists that helped to make the enchantment come alive, and this too is magic.

Written by Neheng Matsoso at  Odysseus Public Relations

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